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a different breed of artist- I always knew I was different, all through life I never wanted to be a part of one group or click, I wanted to be a part of them all!  However, being in the military and also being an artist is sometimes strange to people.  People have their ideas of what an artist should be.  When I tell people that I am an artist and I have served in the military, many don't think they go together.  I have worked on several government contracts and aircraft but I have also been published in top magazines.  Some of my motion graphics have been on some of the worlds largest sporting events with the UFC,  the Masters Golf Tournament and Wimbledon.  

Sometimes when I show people my illustration work they are shocked that I can draw since most of my work has been in photography and 3D animation.  I always tell people I am a struggling film maker!  My true goal and passion in life was to one day contribute something to amazing films!  I have worked on several local independent film projects and I loved every second of it!  

How do you define yourself?  I have been asking myself this question as an artist for years.  Early on in my career I wanted to make sure I knew how to do a little of everything, hence the term Multimedia Artist.  Illustration, 3D animation, Photography, Videography, Web Design I have worked doing all of it and hope to continue to do so! 

Early LIfe- creative. I knew as soon as I could hold a crayon that I wanted to draw or create art!  When I was in grade school my parents had to get permission from the school to let me bring Tinker Toys into class because my parents are amazing and they noticed early on that I loved to build things and draw.  In high school I was voted most creative for being a good illustrator and after that I dove into the world of creative design.  Over the years I have taken many paths.  Starting in Sequential Illustration and ending up doing traditional and digital illustration, photography, videography and 3D animation.

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